Google Groups feature of Google Apps gets a new interface

All of us know that Google has always been very proactive in upgrading the Apps features. After the new, improved, faster and cleaner look of Gmail, now its time to explore the new Google Groups.

Now I leave it to the readers to share their experiences with this new feature. No doubt, m loving it ! 🙂

PhpMyAdmin large database import

One fine day when you try to restore your backed up database into your PhpMyAdmin, error message “You probably tried to upload too large file. Please refer to documentation for ways to workaround this limit. ” annoys you … !!!!!!

Fellow developers have to frequently face problems while importing large databases through PhpMyAdmin feature of Xampp. The simplest way of solving this problem is to enable “zipping” of the file while exporting from PhpMyAdmin.

Now simply upload this zipped file to PhpMyAdmin.

[ Note : To import a database, one needs to still create a blank database in PhpMyAdmin and then import the previously exported file into this new blank database.]