Some interesting material on Google SEO

And here are the Google Ranking Factors – SEP Checklist :

Google Analytics for your Moodle Site

Most developers would also be familiar with Google Analytics tools. It is becoming more and more important day by day to keep track of the traffic that you are getting on your website. As a Google fan, I have been using Google Analytics for a long time now.

If you have a Moodle Site that needs to be tracked, follow these simple steps to connect it to your Analytics Account :

  1. Create an Analytics Account and add your domain there. In the Tracking Code Section => select “single domain” => Copy the code generated (between SCRIPT HTML TAGS)
  2. Login to your Moodle site as Administrator. Now go to – Settings > Site administration > Appearance > Additional HTML and place the copied code into the “within head” section. Save the changes and your site is ready for Analytics 🙂

Keep patience folks, it might take some 24 hours before Analytics can show its results !