Open Office for all your day to day data processing needs

From the tag-line of my Blog, readers must have by now identified that I am an open-source fan. Needless to say more, unlike most of the fellow Indians, I do not use Microsoft Office at all. I am very comfortable with Open Office Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc …

Advantages of using the Open Office package are many .. to include some :


  1. Easy to avail and free
  2. Installation is easy, updates are quick
  3. Creating, saving, editing, formatting etc is very easy and once you have started using this, you would not like to try any other commercial package of Office Software
  4. Many more, lets explore !!!!

Since I recommend most of my friends to use Open Office, they come to me for any issues / bugs regarding the same. Recently one of them came to me for clearing the RECENT DOCUMENTS list from the “Open Office Writer” and I gave him a link to a good article in this regard. For readers who would be interested in reading, here is the link :

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